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Dear Mr ...

I intercede You the historical facts that confirm the key role of Ukraine in the past and the importance of it in the processes of further development of human civilization and to take actions to stop its destruction. It is almost trustworthy that the epidemic which radically stopped the development of civilization is one of the measures to make the end of mankind existence so for as in addition to other negative consequences of its activity the indifference to aggression against Ukraine which does not fulfil the moral and ethical principles and expectations of the universe appears too.




Here is a very brief list taking into consideration the historical period of only the last millennium shows that Ukraine has made a uniquely significant contribution to the treasury of world science and culture, which moved the civilization through progress.

Pacts and Constitutions of the Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporozhian Army” by Pylyp Orlyk is a document considered the first Constitution in the world opened the way to the just social regime.

The Ukrainian selectionist V.M. Remeslo introduced the new high-productive varieties of wheat which quantitatively and qualitatively improved the nutrition of mankind. Could our humanity feed itself without it?

Oleksandr Shumliansky was the first in the world who in 1782 investigated and described the peculiarities of the microscopic structure of the kidneys.

The famous microbiologist and epidemiologist Volodymyr Khavkin created and tested the first anti-cholera vaccine (in 1892) and (in 1896) in the world. Wouldn't our humanity perish in terrible torment if this outstanding Ukrainian did not stop the "black death"?

Oleksandr Bohomolets is an eminent endocrinologist who discovered the problems of pathological physiology and introduced the concept of ageing.

The Ukrainian Socrates is called one of the most prominend European philosophers Hryhorii Skovoroda.

The Prominent Ukrainian Ihor Sikorsky is a designer of airplanes and helicopters that have set many world records.

The film director Oleksandr Dovzhenko has earned the world fame. His film "Land" (1930) is included to the honorary list of 12 best films of the world of all times and peoples.

Mykola Benardos invented the electric welding. Later Eugene Paton taught the world to weld not only special steels but even tissues of living organics.

The Ukrainian land has given the world the entire constellation of Nobel laureates. They were the following.

1908 - Illia Mechnikov is a famous bacteriologist from Slobozhanshchyna who was awarded the Nobel Prize for research in immunology.

1952 - Zelman Waksman is a native of the city of Pryluky in Cherkasy region. He received the Nobel Prize as the US scientist in the field of medicine "for the discovery of streptomycin - the first antibiotic effective in the treatment of tuberculosis."

1971 - Saimon Kuznets is a native of Kharkov. He was awarded the Nobel Prize as an American economist "for an empirically substantiated explanation of economic growth that has led to the new and deeper understanding of both economic and social structures and the process of development as well."

1981 - Roalf Hoffman is a native of Zolochiv in the Lviv region. The scientist is considered a great American specialist in the field of organic and quantum chemistry. He received the Nobel Prize "for the working out the theory of chemical reaction running."

1992 - Heorhii Sharpak that was born in the Rivne region. The Nobel Prize has got for the development of the elementary parts detector.

Almost all of them were still taken out from Ukraine in their childhood because of the threat of martyrdom in the Gulag camps.

The first computer appeared to the world thanks to the work of the brilliant Ukrainian mathematician Mykhailo Kravchuk who was an academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences. M. Kravchuk’s methods were used in the USA, Japan and other countries in the process of modeling the cybernetic technology and creation of the first computers. And how much more could the academician Kravchuk's talent have given to the world if in March 1942 the Ukrainian genius of mathematics had not been tortured in Kolyma in the Gulag camp?

The entire pleiad of Ukrainians launched humanity into space. They were Oleksandr Zasiadko, Mykola Kybalchych, Valentyn Hlushko, Serhii Koroliov. NASA used the theoretical calculations of Ukrainian Yuri Kondratiuk to calculate the orbit for flying to the Moon.

With the establishmernt of 1200 monuments around the world the humanity honored the memory of Taras Shevchenko who was the spiritual father of Ukraine. More monuments were established just in honor of Buddha. But from 47 years of his life one of the greatest artistic geniuses of Ukraine and all mankind 34 years suffered as a recruit and serf in the slavery of Muscoviia.

For centuries the Moscow (and later Russian and Soviet) kings, emperors, and general secretaries of the communist party have forbidden the Ukrainian language, teaching and publishing in Ukrainian. No country in the world has suffered such a large-scale state-level devastating blow on culture and language over the centuries as Ukraine. In order to destroy the basis of the Ukrainian ethnic group more than 60 such circulars were published from the beginning of the 16th to the mid-20th century.

But the world is fascinated by the works of art of Ukrainians Franko, Hohol, Repin, Kuindzhi, Aivazovsky, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Marchuk, Kazymyr Malevych…

The vast majority of scenario schools in the world teach their playwrights geniuses on the works of the son of Poltava official Anton Chekhov.

Even the formation of the theory of heliocentric construction of the world was joined by Ukraine. The University of Bologna where Copernicus studied was then headed by the Ukrainian astrologer and philosopher Yuri Drohobych (Kotermak) who was called the Ukrainian Nostradamus. The leading idea of ​​the teachings of this outstanding personality of the Middle Ages was the ideal of moral, God to whom a person can approach through his self-improvement.

A few centuries later the Ukrainian Volodymyr Vernadsky highlighted the self-improvement as the goal of human existence. He considered it the only possible way of development which "inevitably must happen, otherwise the end of the world will not be avoided." Vernadsky assisted the formation of a new conception of the world, a new outlook on the world in general. In the doctrine of the biosphere and noosphere he synthesized the ideas about the world, its unity, he provided the viewing of substance and energy as the basic concepts of the science, the structure of the universe, the space and time, he substantiated the basic theoretical principles of noosphere civilization.

"It is well known that for the most part the most significant inventions and works of art appeared to their authors by enlightenment. Believers call this phenomenon the Inspiration of God, materialists call it the connection with the information spheres of concentrated knowledge. But the essence of the phenomena is the same. These processes become possible only if there is a sufficient level of cultural wealth and intelligence of the scientist or artist. The individuals with such level of evolution nowhere emerge. It takes centuries of creative work for generations to bring genius to the top. The scientific and artistic achievements of the sons of Ukraine became possible because the proto-Ukrainian ethnos which is as proved by many famous scholars is the oldest in the millennial history of mankind. And so it shaped its culture for the longest time on the planet "(Ihor Moiseienko:" The Idea of ​​Harmony. Ukrainian National Idea ", Kyiv, ed." Dnipro ", 2016. http://afgan.pl.ua/en/content/nats % D1% 96onalna-% D1% 96deya-ukra% D1% 97ni).

Numerous conclusions of the well-known Indo-Europeans of the world have been proved that the motherland of the Indo-European family of peoples is PraUkraine. The German O. Schrader, the British D. Mallory and D. Anthony, the Pole T. Sulemyrsky, the Lithuanian M. Gimbutas, the Bulgarian linguist V. Heorhiev, the Russian O. Trubachov and many others confirm this fact.

"The ancestors of the Aryans lived in the land along the Dnipro ... There are good reasons to believe that the Rigveda originated on the banks of the Dnipro," – writes the researcher of Trypillya culture, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Borys Rybakov.

"In the Vedas there is no mention of bananas, olives, palm trees, deserts, monkeys, camels, giraffes but there are mentions of moose, lynx, deer, bears, wolves, bees. That is, about all the wildlife that belongs to the territory north of the Black Sea, "- say the English Veda researchers Craham Clark and Stuart Piggott.

Arthur Kemp in “The White Race: The March of the Titans”, J. Ginks and L. Woolley in “The History of Culture and Science”, George Bibby in “The Four Thousand Years Ago” present maps of the White Race (Aryans) settlings: from the Dnipro region throughout Eurasia.

The professor of the Sorbonne the archaeologist and the historian R. Hirschman writes in his book “Iran”: “The motherland of the Indo-European peoples is the area north of the Black Sea.”

The same conclusions in his book "History and Culture of the Indian people" are made by one of the most prominent researchers of the ancient world the Vice President of Dekka University M. Mayumdar: “Ukraine more than other countries in Europe and Asia can pretend to be the land of the Aryans.”

“I saw the monuments of the Aryans and Cossacks near Kremenchuk as well as in Pereiaslav ... I can say now: Ukraine is the ancestral home of the Aryans,” said Arvind Allok the director of the Institute of the Protection of National Monuments of India.

The same theory is followed in the book of the linguist Anita Diamont: "More than 5000 years ago in the steppes of Eastern Europethe Indo-European language began.”

“The Sanskrit language is of European origin. It spread in Asia because Aryans from Ukraine came to India long before the birth of Christ,” - says a well-known Sanskrit researcher R. Latham in his study “Ethnology of Europe.”

There are more than a thousand Ukrainian words in Sanskrit that are still used today. In addition the study of the ancient Ukrainian language allowed the Frenchman J. Champolyon in 1822 to read the Egyptian script and discover the culture of the Ancient Egypt. In 1975 the Bulgarian polyglot John Stoyko deciphered the manuscript “Letters to the Eye of God” that is a leaflet of the Ukrainian language of VII-VI centuries. B.C. and based on the Ukrainian language and he deciphered the Etruscan letters.

In ancient times Sanskrit was considered the sacred language of the Gods. The impoper words were not allowed to use in Sanskrit. Compare with the language tradition of Ukrainians: Ukrainian is almost the only language in the world where there is no invectives. Oscar Mengin the professor of paleontology at the University of Vienna argues that Sanskrit came to the territory of modern India from Proto-Ukraine. He states that “Trypillia culture is first and foremost the Ukrainian culture.” The Australian professor Gordon Child who is one of the greatest authorities in the field of the ancient history calls the people of Trypillia culture "ukrainian villagers" (Ukrainian peasants). Ukrainian scientists Shcherbakivsky, Pasternak, Khvoika, Hrushevsky and others also spoke about this similarly.

The President of India S. Radgakrishnan in his work "Indian Philosophy" emphasized: “The Orians brought with them certain concepts and beliefs which they continued to develop in India. In “Vedas” the magical nature of Oriana-Scythia-Rus-Ukraine is adored. Its four seasons: Gima - winter, Vesanta - spring, Litoia - summer, Sharada - autumn (from the word "sharudity"), the names of cereals, animals, trees testify the great and the blessed culture of this nation.” Take notice that the peoples of India and Ukraine have the most national musical instruments in the world (over a hundred).

100 years ago an English philologist and historian professor L. Wedell substantiated the affinity between Sumerian and Trypillian, that is the ancient Ukrainian language. A little earlier in 1880 the Polish linguist M. Krasouski stated that Ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman languages ​​are derived from Pro-Ukrainian one.

In the Bible we find that after the flood Noah's descendants went in different directions. But the following fact is well-known: one third of the planet's black ground is on the territory of Ukraine and it’s the most powerful energy nucleus of the Earth's vital activity. It is obvious that the Asian mountain deserts which predominantly form the landscape south of Ararat do not have the advantages of promoting agriculture which is considered to be the most important factor in the successful development of primitive civilizations. And the numerous archaeological studies confirm that it is from Northern Pipontiada that if not the only one as it has emerged is one of the most successful settlements of post-flood dynasties.

Thus Ukraine is the cradle of modern human civilization, the heir to the most powerful cultural-spiritual information and energy potential of humanity which favours to its progress at key stages of existence. Its preservation is vital for anyone who does not want to perish in the flames of spiritual and intellectual degradation. But will the world with its God-inspired source receive the equally important treasures of Knowledge and Spirituality in the future for the development of civilization?

It is the antichrist horde from Muscoviia that wants to stop the positive influence on the progress of mankind, to divert civilization from the roots contained in the blessed land of Ukraine and try to destroy it. After all humanity remembers how the ungodly empire of the Kremlin drank the blood of priests, burned and plundered temples, crushed the slightest manifestation of spirituality and when it became evident that it was impossible to destroy faith, it dressed the most insidious Chekists the priesthood ranks who exist even now. That is the global meaning of the eternal satanic fury with which Moscoviia destroyed the creative intelligentsia of Ukraine.

Therefore not only Ukrainians, but the entire world community should pay attention if we want to keep God's favor: we must protect Ukraine, the mother of human civilization, from aggression. You are Its children too.

In view of the above we ask You:

1. Stop the aggressor! It kills our mother. The most powerful countries of the planet have pledged to protect Ukraine when it trusted them and refused against the nuclear weapons.

You have all the levers both financial and economic and the power to put an end to the Kremlin war in the short term. The loss of your businessmen from the termination of cooperation with the aggressor will not make them beggars except that they will pay for the previously revealed lack of vision and illegibility. This is much better than being naked in the Supreme Court – that is without money but with the bloody earmark of facilitating the murder of your own mother.

2. Ukraine is ill in corruption. It is the result of the methodical destruction of the Ukrainian elite by thy Soviets over 73 years they were the millions of honest, intelligent, moral people. Help Ukraine to heal. Stop its credit smothering! After all it helped You to save billions for defense by dismantling its nuclear weapons when believed the signatores of the Budapest Memorandum. The mother has not to be strangled - the mother has to be treated to save it.

It has been proved above that Ukraine is the very Light through which the humanity was given the knowledge of the way to noospheric civilization and world unity. Serving humanity as a source of Inspiration is its civilization mission. The Creator of the Universe relies on it. It is trustworthy that the epidemic that has radically stopped the development of civilization is the warming to finish the existence of the humanity blinded by the love of silver which does not meet the moral and ethical principles and purpose of the Universe. After all the cosmic unity will not accept the civilization that is morally stigmatized by the suppression of its own mother.

Help it. Stop torturing our mom, Ukraine! We are all its children.

Ігор Моісєєнко

Лауреат державних та міжнародних літературно-мистецьких премій. Поет, прозаїк, кіносценарист і журналіст, член Національної спілки письменників України. Народився у 1962роціу м.Кривий Ріг. Строкову службу проходив в Афганістані, у батальйоні загиблого Поета-героя «Аіста» (О. І. Стовби). Критики, відзначаючи стилістичну подібність віршів «Аіста» та Моісєєнка, вбачають ознаки наслідування Ігорем літературного Дару і Хреста вбитого війною талановитого Поета. Результатом такого духовного зв’язку двох літераторів стали надзвичайно вражаючі своїм трагізмом вірші; кіносценарії, визнані кращими за все, що було на екрані про афганську війну, і неймовірно захоплюючий роман, який визнавався кращим антивоєнним твором в СНД, за який автору в 2010 році присвоєно звання першого лауреата літературно-мистецької премії імені Богдана Хмельницького. В 2015 році, за плідну літературну та громадську діяльність у справі побудови суспільства життєдайної духовності та моралі, - звання лауреата міжнародної літературно-мистецької премії імені М.В.Гоголя «Тріумф».

Автору випало у палаючому пеклі Афганістану, нав’язаному українцям кремлівськими бонзами, пройти по межі, що розділяє життя і смерть. Але всупереч тяжким фізичним і душевним травмам колишній воїн став справжнім українським патріотом і виносив у своєму серці філософську доктрину, яка вперше сформулювала і емпірично обґрунтувала дієву Українську національну Ідею. Ігор Моісєєнко не просто розробив концепцію стратегічного розвитку української нації, але й вказав конкретні віхи на шляху її реалізації та очікувану уже в недалекому майбутньому віддачу в усіх сферах суспільного життя нашого народу. Автор «Ідеї гармонії…» пропонує шляхом внесення Української національної Ідеї в Конституцію України та утвердження її окремим Законом у стислі строки сприяти тому, аби кожен українець, кожен громадянин України іншої національності відчув її благотворний вплив. Вочевидь ця книга постає найважливішим твором, на який надихає Господь одного з найобдарованіших літераторів України. 

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